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At present, I’m taking an online course in meteorology and another on international law. I’m redressing past wrongs done to me in the field of mathematics by teaching myself Algebra. I’m studying the occult movements of the sixties for the third Perilous and Sparks novel Two to Tangier and the life of Huey P. Long for a little local color.

I’m also teaching myself to weave baskets and to cook intuitively, to fish and to tie knots. I’m learning the skills I’ll need once our sailboat the Shanti sets off on adventures.

As an indie author, I’ve taught myself to publish a book and to build a website, to create illustrations in Photoshop and to market my work.

I love learning new things. I’ve always got a mini-challenge running alongside the learning I do for clients as a copywriter, the learning I do for homeschooling my son, and the learning I do while writing novels. I’ll pick up a quick, valuable skill like requesting a light in French or a lawyer in Spanish or knife-throwing.

There’s nothing to me that’s more satisfying than learning something new. Each new skill or insight I gain opens new and novel opportunities, widens my horizon of possibilities. It’s the most important thing I do every day.