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I don’t care what my husband says, knowing how to do a magic trick makes you cool. If you’re not impressed by someone deftly pulling a coin from behind your ear, your standards are too high.

Learning a few magic tricks has been on my bucket list for years. I’ve made forays into sleight of hand, but I haven’t been able to commit due to all the things. I’m slowly working my way through the CIA’s Manual of Trickery and Deception, which offers some invaluable insights on the utilitarian purposes of sleight of hand. It’s renewed my zeal for the subject.

I’m going to undertake to learn the classic coin trick The French Drop by the end of this month and think of how to incorporate magic tricks in Two to Tangier while I’m at it. It shouldn’t be too hard since all of the characters who’ve introduced themselves so far have had some sort of dealings in magic and trickery. I’m also going to spend some time regretting that I didn’t name Les Stone Cold Killers The French Drop.