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Autumn Ware began writing campy adventure novels when she was a single mother living on a public teacher’s salary. It was the only vacation she could afford. As her characters grew bolder and more daring, they became her imaginary role models, encouraging her to take more calculated risks in her own life.

Today, she’s the owner of Aware Copywriting, a New Orleans-based agency that produces magnetic propaganda for clients around the world, and the novelist behind the Perilous and Sparks series. She lives on a vintage sailboat with her husband, son, two cats, and a dog. Perilous and Sparks empowered her when she was feeling overwhelmed by her own powerlessness. She hopes they’ll do the same for you.

First and foremost, the Perilous and Sparks series is written for my pleasure. I enjoy writing novels even more than reading them. It’s fun to create a whole world and watch the people in it evolve.

I want to share the fun I have with adventurous girls and with women who refuse to act their age (as well as any fellas who can handle independent, intelligent, practically perfect lady types). I’m keeping each book short enough for the average reader to enjoy in a single day of intense relaxing and daydreaming, preferably on the beach or in a bathtub.

Like Perilous and Sparks, I’m a professional propagandist with a penchant for trouble-making and a tendency towards anarchism. I enjoy writing and drawing, and I love to travel and indulge in good food.

I’m a professional writer with experience in marketing, web design, and PR. I didn’t see why I shouldn’t skip the traditional publishing gambit and take advantage of modern technology to maintain complete control over my vision. In short, I prefer to sidestep gatekeepers and storm the gates.

Les Stone Cold Killers was inspired by the 1967 YA novel X Marks the Spy, the first in a series about a young spy named Christopher Cool. I discovered a battered copy of the book in a thrift store in Tennessee and fell in love with the kitschy concept of teen agents.

I couldn’t entirely get down with the idea of a teenager teaming up with the CIA though. The idea seems dubious to me, given the blessedly rebellious nature of most young people, so I invented The Eris Agency, an anarchic group of general trouble-makers. That felt more right for me and for the girls.

I’m also not a fan of the hero/sidekick narrative device. I prefer parallel protagonists who work together as equals with unique abilities and knowledge, so I abandoned the old Lone Ranger and Tonto trope that Jim Lawrence, the ghostwriter responsible for Christopher Cool, relied on in favor of something more modern and collaborative.

I was inspired by the style of vintage novelists like Zora Neale Hurston, Mary Stewart, and Helen MacInnes, who created stories that are full of adventure, travel, and intrigue. Perilous and Sparks would make fast friends with the daring heroines who populated their pages.

The Perilous and Sparks series will have at least seven novels, one set on each continent, unless a secret society knocks me off before I’m done. The second novel in the series The Kowloon Jukebox is set in Hong Kong in 1966 in the wake of the Cultural Revolution. The Kowloon Jukebox will be released in 2019.

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