Scarlett Salter
Scarlett SalterMother of Dogs + Curator of Space + Drinker of Beer
Today’s perfectly Innocent Postcard, is brought you by a dazzling designer and inspiring young woman. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Scarlett since she was in high school (at least). At the time, she was my son’s favorite babysitter. Today, she’s all grown up and has a highfalutin’ career as an interior designer. She uses her position to beautify spaces and to create space for fledgling designers to experiment and show their talents. She’s a perfectly balanced palette of intelligence and intuition, sensitivity and strength, and pragmatism and playfulness. Thanks so much for sharing your savvy, Scarlett!


Your space. Your home. Your environment. Your resting place and recharge station.

However you describe it – it’s yours.

It doesn’t matter if it’s rented, if it’s grounded or if it’s floating – your space is an outward expression of who you are and what brings you ultimate joy…or not. Let yourself embrace that feeling of ownership.

I’m not claiming that where you lay your head at night is exactly where you want to be or thought you would be at this point in life, and it’s human nature to allow our minds to drift away to an island of negative thoughts and toxic behavioral patterns.

So take back you mind – yes – through your space. Resurrect your confidence, your self worth, your appreciation for where you are and start here:

  • Treat your space like you treat your body: clean and declutter frequently.
  • Don’t be stagnant. Move, reconfigure and pivot until your space pulls a smile across your face.
  • Live within your means – not just financially. Determine what you want to take care of and what you don’t – and arrange your environment to match what you can handle.

It’s never going to be the procurement of things that make us happy in the long term. It will always be how we appreciate what we already have where we already are.