By the time I got three-quarters of the way through The Kowloon Jukebox, I’d learned so much about the characters and the setting and the story that I realized I’d have to re-write the whole thing. There was some solid writing in that first version, but I was willing to sacrifice those gems to take the story to the next level.

Getting so near the end of the novel and realizing I wasn’t satisfied with it could’ve been a motivation-killer. Fortunately, I really love writing novels, so re-writing isn’t a burden. It’s simply an opportunity to improve – the story and my writing skills.

Sometimes, it takes a lot of exploration to discover what it is that you’re really trying to express in a story or a painting or even your life. Once upon a time, I was a teacher. Then, I re-wrote my life story and became a copywriter. Then, I re-wrote it again and became a novelist. Once, I’d convinced myself that I’d spend the rest of my life languishing alone in a small town. Now, I’m planning to sail the world with my husband and son and a virtual Noah’s ark of animals.

Do overs are a fundamental human right IMHO. If you’re not satisfied with what you’ve achieved so far, you have the right to start fresh with a greater supply of wisdom. So do it already!