I’m embarrassed to be caught doing nothing. For a long time, if my husband found me sitting in the dark staring off into space, I’d feel compelled to list off everything that I’d done prior to doing nothing. He couldn’t have cared less.

Over time, I’ve come to accept and finally embrace the fact that the most important part of writing is not writing.

The most important part of writing (and most other creative pursuits) is doing nothing.

It’s sitting in a hot bathtub with your favorite album pulsing through your headphones or lying on a sofa in the dark in silence. It’s staring at the ceiling vacantly.

Because your brain is a busy place with hundreds of thousands of neurons sending and receiving thousands of messages at any given moment. Imagine the traffic jam.

If you don’t force yourself to occasionally (and unrepentantly) don the mantle of the slacker, there’s never going to be a quiet moment for imaginary places and people to populate it.