Mardi Gras season is here. In the past, that would have meant pulling together parade personas for the whole fam-damily. In fact, before we moved aboard our sailboat, we had an entire closet dedicated to costumes. That’s pretty normal in New Orleans where it’s not uncommon to see a neighbor shellacked in glitter and balancing an enormous cotton candy wig atop her head while standing in line at your corner grocery store in the middle of an average Tuesday.

We said farewell to most of our disguises in the name of simplicity, but I kept a couple of funky wigs, a box of costume jewelry, and my collection of vintage eyewear because sometimes I need to go incognito. Not because I’m being hunted by villains or hiding from the press, but because sometimes I just want to be someone else for a day. It’s fun to try on different personalities, especially if you’re a retiring recluse most days.

Me, incognito.