Natalie Stoner
Natalie StonerMuse + Artist + Founder of Self-Nourish to Flourish
Today’s perfectly Innocent Postcard is brought to you by the magical muse and entrepreneur Natalie Stoner. Natalie has spent years studying and contemplating creativity, and soon, she’s going to be sharing what she’s learned on her own platform at Self-Nourish to Flourish. When you’re done reading, you’ll want to sign up for updates on her progress at her website! Thanks for sharing your creative wisdom, Natalie!

Once upon a time, I considered creativity a magical spirit that affected some and neglected others. I was SO wrong. Time and experience taught me that everyone is creative in some way. You don’t have to paint or make music or write to claim your creativity. You are unique, and therefore, your way of doing this is fundamentally creative.

Own it, sisters!

Nurture it and grow it!

Like everything else, creativity increases with practice! If your way of being creative is knitting kitty-eared slippers or baking poop emoji cupcakes, awesome! If you build robots in your garage from electronics you find at the Salvation Army, GO GIRL! Don’t let anyone tell you that your expression of creativity has to fit into any box. Creativity is all about breaking down the box, slicing it into thin strips, and weaving a basket from it.