Ellen Jacobson
Ellen JacobsonEccentric Author + Swashbuckling Sailor + Unapologetic Chocolate Lover
Today’s perfectly Innocent Postcard is brought to you by Ellen Jacobson who lives aboard a sailboat with her husband and writes lighthearted and humorous cozy mysteries featuring a reluctant sailor turned amateur sleuth. Murder at the Marina, the first book in her new series, is available at Amazon, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, Apple iBooks, and Google Play. I’ve listed links at the bottom of the post to help you quickly and easily support this one-of-a-kind novelist! When you’re done reading her post, I know you’ll want to keep up with Ellen’s adventures at her author website, her sailing blog, and her other social media sites. The links are below, and you can sign up for her newsletter by following this link. Thanks for sharing your quirky point of view, Ellen!

Mollie McGhie, the main character in my cozy mystery series, might be described as a rather quirky lady with an occupation that’s a bit kooky, to say the least.

While Mollie happily displays her kooky quirks for all to see, many of us try to downplay our “weirdness” and conform to society’s expectations. But there are actually benefits to embracing that part of us which others may think is odd.

1 – Having to deal with people who don’t understand why you’re different or who laugh at your eccentricities helps to develop resilience and self-confidence.

2 – When you’re quirky, you may think outside the box and seize upon unique and creative opportunities that others are blind to.

3 – You’re more tolerant of differences in others. You know what it’s like to be the odd one out, you get it.

4 – You’re not easily forgotten. Your quirks are what makes you interesting, fun to be around, and memorable.

Get the details on Ellen’s quirky cozy mystery Murder at the Marina at the end of the post!


P.S.If you’re looking for the perfect beach read and you love cozy mysteries, might I recommend Ellen’s novel Murder at the Marina? I had a chance to read it early, and it had me guessing and laughing the whole way through. Mollie is an kooky, quirky, and thoroughly memorable character, and you’ll love spending a few days in her company solving mysteries and indulging in chocolate.

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