In The Kowloon Jukebox, Perilous and Sparks travel from London to Hong Kong with an all-girl rock band and a groundbreaking record producer:

The valet steered the boat in a southerly direction as they cleared the eastern reach of Lantau, veering out of the open waters into the Ma Wan Channel. Ahead of them, the eight rugged mountain peaks of the Kowloon Peninsula jutted out of the South China Sea. Their forested faces plummeted towards the chaotic jumble of the Kowloon Walled City with its do-it-yourself approach to urban development.

The boat sliced effortlessly between the more sluggish commercial vessels entering Victoria Harbor. In no time, they were edging into the Royal Yacht Club. The valet led them through the traditional interior of the exclusive clubhouse where local elites observed their passage cooly. Husher and Jane greeted several members in passing, but her fellow band members were all too eager to clear our quickly. They weren’t dressed for the posh scene or accustomed to the moneyed beau monde.

This vintage reel allows you to actually trace the girls’ passage into Hong Kong harbor with your own eyes.