Scarlett Salter
Scarlett SalterMother of Dogs + Curator of Space + Drinker of Beer
Today’s perfectly Innocent Postcard, is brought you by a dazzling designer and inspiring young woman. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Scarlett since she was in high school (at least). At the time, she was my son’s favorite babysitter. Today, she’s all grown up and has a highfalutin’ career as an interior designer. She uses her position to beautify spaces and to create space for fledgling designers to experiment and show their talents. She’s a perfectly balanced palette of intelligence and intuition, sensitivity and strength, and pragmatism and playfulness. Thanks so much for sharing your savvy, Scarlett!

Treat your space like your treat your body, clean and declutter frequently.

It’s much easier said than done. Especially when most of your time is spent away from your home. The last thing any of us want to do is spend more time not relaxing or decompressing, believe me, I get it.

Some days I don’t shower. Some days I have wine for dinner. And some days both of those things happen in tandem. Those days often coincide with my

“bad” days. But if I continue to let a single – or even few – terrible moments completely derail an otherwise good day, I will always be at the mercy of someone or something dictating my well-being and my expression of self.

Yesterday, I didn’t have a bad day, but it was absolutely a wine for dinner type of night. Still, I could see the looming pile of clothes gathering in the spare bedroom, taunting me. I forced my ass off of the sofa and put a mountain of clean clothes away. Then I put the dirty dishes in the dishwasher. Then I sat back down.

Did I feel all better? Kind of. For a moment in time, I stopped the domino effect. I took back control from my own mind and cleaned and decluttered my space.

Misery loves company and thrives in an unkept home.

A victory doesn’t mean you clean the house, scrub the base boards and make goodwill piles right after work or on the weekends. Sometimes a victory is putting the mountain of clothes away or cleaning the dishes.

Find a small victory and allow yourself to be proud.